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Issue 2: Closing The Distance


Featuring visual / written works by Ellen Hall, William Tham, Cleomë Wilkinson, Winston Le, Katelyn Wallach, Henrieta Lau, Roxie Zagar, Jean Wong, Katrina Vera Wong, Silas Egan, Jordan Gray, Deuphine Apedaile, Char Hoyt, Deborah Wong, Kodai Yanagawa, Julia Wong, Ali Massie, and Raymond Nakamura

and interviews with

Nyoka founder and CEO, Paige Whitehead, who developed compostable Light Wands powered by bioluminescence


​Adam Makarenko, an artist, photographer and filmmaker who makes miniature exoplanets.

"​Gravity is at work here. Let it pull you closer."

52 pages. 6.75 x 9.5-in.
Front cover: EXP196B2 by Adam Makarenko